David has a strong interest in education for releasing creativity.  As a member of the Government think tank which gave rise to the Music Manifesto, he was asked to look into the teaching of composition in primary schools.  After running a DfES project – BUILDING MUSIC – during which he researched and piloted several new methods in schools around London, he wrote KEY STAGE 2 COMPOSING – the complete scheme of work.  If you are interested in buying a copy, please click here.

David still occasionally runs pupil workshops and delivers INSETs for schools and Local Authorities.


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David has also developed these methods for adults, designing workshops and seminars on creative thinking for corporate use. THINKING LIKE A COMPOSER is a two hour introduction to a new way of solving problems.

David gives lectures and master classes in composing, songwriting and related topics at universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  He also offers two foundational lectures for students: 1] an Introduction to Harmony, and 2] an Introduction to Music History.

David has been an external examiner and an assessor of university courses.  He writes articles on music from a variety of points of view.


a DfES, Music Manifesto publication by David Stoll


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David has a website specially for his education work: CREATIVE CONFIDENCE.  For information and references concerning his specialist work at KS2, click here.