Music for Listeners

David Stoll - Music For Listeners

David has written and produced a large number of tracks for production music libraries, such as Standard Music  and Amphonic among many others.   Much of this music is used regularly in background music to films and television programmes.

David is writing now for the Bosworth music library. Recent collections include PLAYFUL PIZZICATO and SEASONS.  STRANGE SEA CREATURES was written with John Mercer, and DRAMA BACKGROUNDS was written with Michael Hinton. David has an agreement with Wise Music to select certain tracks for re-release on albums in the MUSIC FOR LISTENERS series.  This series also is an outlet for other music which does not fit into any particular category or genre, or in the CHRONOMETER series, and albums are available in the SHOP.

Last Bus Home

Last Bus Home

You’re there – upstairs of course. And they get on and get off, these different people. Types. Alone or in couples, or groups. Silent or noisy, exploding with light or exhibiting as dark holes. It’s late, very late. And you’re very, very tired.

  1. Lounge Lizard
  2. Cross Purposes
  3. Blue Rain
  4. Funky Bunny
  5. Weary
  6. Closing Time


Europe, a few hundred years ago. Sounds and moods of then, revisited here and now.

  1. Fast Track
  2. Prelude (arr. of Bach)
  3. Villanelle
  4. Phaeton
  5. Mantilla
  6. The Mysterious Barricades (arr. of Couperin)
Music For Lost Films


Scenes for the newsreel cinema of your mind.

  1. Circus Elephants 1956
  2. Hyde Park bandstand June 1950
  3. Cartoon Studio Tour 1943
  4. Public Funeral near Lincoln 1931
  5. New Orleans Street Band Visit 1945
  6. Limehouse Reach 1952

Listen here to some other examples of David’s production music, which mix and match… 

examples of library music