String Quartet No. 2


Like QUARTET 1, this work is a reflection on a philosophical subject; my second QUARTET describes the move from active worldly considerations to the stillness of a disciplined mind, and thus forms a good introduction to the first. The six movements consider how (Part One) everyday concerns, in the light of the practice of meditation are seen with a better understanding of activity. Then (Part Two), living with detachment, life is understood as a dance and the aspirant becomes ready for true Stillness.

1 The Way of the World 7’15”
2 The Practice of Meditation 8’02”
3 Inaction in Action 4’38”
4 Gratitude, Reverence and Praise 6’33”
5 The Philosophical Garden – a dance 7’52”
6 ‘Still, like a Lake’ 4’34”

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