… is the new CHRONOMETER collection and it will be available for streaming and download from Spotify, iTunes and other outlets by the end of May.  However, it is already available from the shop, where you may also hear some excerpts..

Written together with Michael Hinton, and produced as ever by John Mercer, I am very happy indeed with this album.  It represents an exciting development for CHRONOMETER in its use of rock, jazz, world and new age influences, together with the usual electro-acoustic and contemporary concert elements.

The cover is another stunning image from Riverrun Records.  The music of the six movements of the Suite all come from Caliban’s speech in Act 3, Scene 2 of THE TEMPEST:

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open and show riches
Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,
I cried to dream again.



… earlier this week, and I am now working on some stems, themes and sync versions for library use – these to be mastered at Music Sales next Wednesday.  Riverrun design will no doubt come up with a stunning cover very soon, and then it is full speed ahead to make the recordings available for download and streaming.  The collection is to be titled CALIBAN’S ISLAND.



… it is back to the new album.  Michael Hinton will be working here with me for a couple of days this week, and mixing and mastering will be with John Mercer at Riverrun in a couple of weeks’ time.

Our short holiday was in Antwerp, a lovely city.  We particularly enjoyed the Plantin Museum, though the MAS, Rubens’ House and Cathedral were also well worth the visit.  The beer was pretty good, too.


…CHRONOMETER which is in the forefront of my musical thinking right now.  The new set is progressing well – which means I am full of a mixture of certainties and doubts about the tracks.  Michael Hinton is coming up with some wonderful soundscapes and other ideas to inform the music, and I suspect that the album will be out in May.

Meanwhile, here is an excellent atmospheric video made by Rory Edwards (ED Films) for BONES ON THE BEACH, one of the BESTIARY tracks.  Let him (and me) know what you think.


… (my occasional creative workshop) will be held at Hawkwood College, Gloucestershire, in July this year.  This one day event is designed to open the mind of anyone to aspects of how a composer works, and is especially intended for non musicians.  It is followed, for those who wish to stay on, by an evening’s talk on my own work.  The next morning I shall be giving an introduction to the music being played at the afternoon chamber orchestra’s concert, in which I shall be linking the workshop experiences to those pieces.

For more details, please go to the Hawkwood College site.


… this year.  The next album is coming along nicely; Michael Hinton, John Mercer and I are meeting for a couple of days at Riverrun next week to put together the first track.  And, to launch a new FaceBook page, we have a new logo –

This current album is expected in the spring, with another following in the autumn and number seven a year from now.

Thank you Yellow Technology for help in preparing and installing the new computer, and Alpha State for the work on the CHRONOMETER promotion.


… in various ways.  The main news for this site is that the new CHRONOMETER album is coming along nicely.  There will be four tracks, but they will be longer than before – as seems right for the material, allowing it to grow fully.  I am collaborating with Michael Hinton on some of the sound design.  (Michael had a hand in one of the BESTIARY tracks, but his work will be far more prominent in this set.)  And, as usual, John Mercer will weave sonic magic in the production.  Release is due for the spring.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 3.12.56pmI am also in the middle of changing computer.  The old Mac Pro warhorse has lasted very well indeed and did a great job, but seven years is a long time in this world, and I am looking forward to an even smoother ride when working.  I can’t quite believe the memories of floppy discs and early MIDI and SMPTE sequencing.  Kilobytes; megabytes; gigabytes: we deal in terabytes now, and counting.  (And often deliver on flash stick, when not via the cloud.  Almost all my recorded music can be stored on a drive much smaller than a pencil.  And .mp3 quality is quite something nowadays.)

I am also considering writing some new educational material for the shop.  The book on teaching composing in primary schools is still selling so well and attracting such favourable comments that I’d like to produce another book with some of the other workshop and teaching ideas which weren’t included in the original volume.


… to all.  I heard on the 30th December that BESTIARY is now available from the usual distributors (including iTunes and Spotify) – making it a 2016 release – and, of course, from the website shop here.screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-9-56-53am

To the right, a selfie taken up Ally Pally yesterday just before midnight.



…, and it’s time again for my annual Christmas gift to all friends visiting this website.

As you will understand, it isn’t easy each year to provide a large and growing number of readers with something valuable, new and unusual; something which is digitally deliverable, affordable for the blogger and welcome to all recipients. In searching for the perfect 2016 solution, and bearing in mind the past three years’ gifts, I have used both rhyme and reason:

2013 An elementary particle,
2014 A dedicated microzoo,
2015 Some much needed space, and
2016 A specific point of view.

Here it is, but magnified exorbitantly in order to appear on your screen –

I appreciate that this may well look very like my gift of 2014, but it is, in fact, most profoundly different. That earlier dot was physical, and meant as an enclosure for micro-organisms; I hope that yours is still providing hours of pleasure and interest. Above all, that dot was to be looked into. This current ‘dot’, however, is a place to stand, conceptually, for looking out at the rest of the universe.

As a sort of user’s guide, may I point out (I choose my words carefully) that you can start here and face in any direction. Furthermore, though manifesting on a flat screen, your dot has as many dimensions as there are available – and possibly more. You should certainly look up. And this dot exists (I choose that word slightly less carefully) outside of time and, thus, will never wear out – or, at least, not until the next Singularity.

As a POINT is that which has no part, the point of view I am offering you here is impartial – more necessary than ever in this year of division and upset.

So please feel free to download your Point of View: from this site it is safe to do so.  And please note that each and every dot downloaded, while undoubtedly in the exact centre of the universe, is no more so than any other.

With very best wishes to all, David


… on the next CHRONOMETER set (for release in spring 2017) , and – indeed – certain new features regarding the album after that (for summer 2017) have now been agreed with Novello & Co.  My next Post will be the annual Christmas message, and that will be in a day or two.  So, for now, may I draw your attention to the fine revamping of the HOME page by Alpha State.

I have just checked my first Blog on this website and found that it was posted on January 17, 2014 – just under three years ago.  Thanks for reading.  Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 9_Fotor

As for the graphic: well, Christmas is coming.