… to my newly refurbished website. We have refreshed all the pages, updated the links and made navigation easier and more intuitive. The heavy lifting has been done by Alpha State, and their work, as ever, has been excellent, efficient and imaginative. They have my grateful thanks.

Over the past few years the blog has often been neglected, and my hope is now to improve in that area. I should like to feature new music examples monthly on the HOME page, and to bring you news more regularly than of late. The difficulty is, as I’m are you understand, so much of my work is long-scale in the writing, and an album or a book can takes months to be ready. There is not much to say about it while it is ‘in development’. As I have not generally made it a regular practice to talk about my other activities, chess, Tai Chi and so on, what then is to be written? Well, perhaps it might be of interest for you to read about work in progress; we’ll see.

Anyway, this posting is one of welcome and an invitation to look round the site. Follow up the links as there is a lot of material on all aspects of my work available in the linked pages.

And I hope to get back to you soon. Meanwhile, a snatch of history from when davidstoll.co.uk first arrived on the net. You can still find all the old posts in this section of the website to the right.