Audio Tracks

This selection of excerpts is a general introduction to my music, including concert music, music for the media and the ‘music for listeners’ series.  The selection is changed from time to time.  To hear examples from more specific areas of my work, such as music and songs for Schools, please follow the links from the relevant pages.  And each album in the SHOP offers a set of excerpts available to hear.

A Prelude to Uncertainty © Atlas Production Music

A track from the SPACETIME collection.  Scored for flute, clarinet, violin and cello with keyboards and electronics, this is chamber music to evoke the beauty, mystery and majesty of deep space.

The End of a Northern Day © Novello & Co

When recording brass music in Manchester, one must reference the beautiful tradition of the mellow brass band sound of the North with heart-swelling melodies and oven-rich harmonies. This is my tribute to that sound, scored for Brass Quintet.

Weary © Music Sales

This track features the wonderful alto sax playing of Howard McGill. One of the first pieces to have been written just after I moved into my new home, WEARY is a light-hearted take on that end of the day feeling. (Appears on LAST BUS HOME.)

The Bowl of Nous, Mov’t 3  (Toronto live performance)  © Novello & Co

The Cantata, written using notes of the Natural Octave, is a setting of texts from a new translation of Hermes Trismegistus.  (This performance substituted modern tuning, and used sopranos for the solo treble parts.)   The excerpt comes from the end of the third movement.

Funky Bunny © Music Sales

As quite often nowadays, I return to an early interest in jazz in the widest sense. The title says it all – which doesn’t really tell you anything, and which I don’t understand either, but it sounds right. (Also appears on LAST BUS HOME.)

Quartet 4 Movt 3 – Spaces in a Space © Novello & CoDS 1 Jun_Fotor

Played by the Bingham String Quartet, this excerpt comes from the end of the final movement. Representing the beauty of the whole collection of ceramics in a large exhibition space, the music dissolves from here into the space itself. (A download of the entire work may be found in the SHOP.)

Midnight Round © Studio G

The title came first, of course, and was a gift of an idea. A jazz canon (in the sense of round) inspired by one of the masterpieces in the jazz canon (in the sense of body of works).

And My Robot can Sing © Novello & Co

A quirky CHRONOMETER track – electronic music which I release from time to time on the Riverrun label. This one is from the first collection, STEAMPUNK ETC, and is, as usual, produced with John Mercer.

Cleopatra © Novello & Co

From THE SHAKESPEARE SUITE, and scored for Oboe and String Quartet. The music is based on the famous speech by Enobarbus describing how the barge carrying the fascinating queen passes him as it floats down the Nile.

Quartet 3, Movement 2 – Storm (the Bingham String Quartet) © Novello & Co

FOOLS BY HEAVENLY COMPULSION, my third String Quartet, is inspired by Shakespeare’s KING LEAR.  The second movement describes the nightmarish trek over the heath during a storm, and the three kinds of madness explored in the scenes.  This work was my first to be played by the Bingham String Quartet, of whom I cannot speak too highly.  Also in the SHOP.

Lounge Lizard © Music Sales

I am very fond of this description of the louche character.  Jazz, and it includes one of my rare excursions nowadays into playing a live piano solo.  (And he too may be found on that LAST BUS HOME.)

Turn to the Light © Studio G

An orchestral track from a minimalist collection of production music.