… and just one more month of high-level engagement with BASCA.  I shall be in Brussels for my final ECSA meeting next week, and have just a couple more meetings in London during the month.  Having been a founding co-Chairman (bringing in the Association of Professional Composers to join with the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain and the old BASCA – originally the Songwriters’ Guild), and been on the Board and several related and other Committees (including the Academy Trust, Academy Recordings, British Music Rights, the Music Manifesto Steering Group and the BMIC) for years, most recently and currently chairing BASCA’s Classical and Jazz executive Committee, and representing BASCA on the European Composers’ Forum (where I led the group designing the Composers in Education Database, now ECSA’s ‘The Composing Directory’) – well, even listing all this shows it is now the moment to get back to writing and producing music full-time.

Fortunately I have also been able to produce quite a lot of work during the past few years, though my large-scale concert writing has suffered.  But now with DRUMMER BOY to write, and opportunities for CUCKOO ROCK and other recent work to follow up, I shall be puting the music first.

John Mercer of Riverrun is currently working with me on a listening compilation of some of my recent production music for Music Sales, and I am looking forward to telling you more about that soon. We hope to have the download CD, with remixed tracks and new slants on the music, out within a few months