… I even suspect that this statement merits an exclamation mark, but – as I have intimated before in these messages – so many !’s are used without need, that one eschewed here can only redress the balance.

From the many kind responses I receive, it seems that you enjoy my annual gifts; of course, I confirm that this year’s offering is being supplied from a very social distance.

As in previous years, charitable donations have replaced paper cards.  But, of course, you will also receive through this blog entry, as always, a guaranteed virus-free offering.  Given that we may well need to return to a mindset which requires a far less wasteful use of resources, this year’s gift recycles earlier themes (specifically 2014, 2016 and 2017).  In fact,  I offer those three particular gifts again, refreshed and combined anew for 2021.  Given the state of the Union, its Health, its Governance and Its so much else, I give you

. . .

As you well know, the ellipsis implies ‘continuing in uncertainty’.  You may well say, ‘Thank you very much, there is sufficient uncertainty around right now for us not to need you to send us any more.  Thanks, but no thanks.’

But this would be to miss the point, indeed all of the points of my present present.  It is the ‘continuing’ which is the element that I wish for you.  May you continue, through 2021 and beyond.  This is the deeper message of my 2020 vision for all my friends.

With the best wishes you can possibly imagine,  David