… 2018
“What, not again!” you cry.  (At last, an exclamation mark used correctly.)  “Here comes Stoll’s annual New Year dotty message.”
To remind those who would detract, the gift in 2014 was a micro-zoo; in 2016 it was a point of view; and last year it was a Full Stop – a period (if you like) for Reflection.  To make sure that the differences are apparent, here again are the three representations set side by side (by side):
.   .   .   
It was in mind to send something similar this year, but novelty also has its attractions.  I considered an exclamation mark, but as I have already intimated, I believe these should be reserved for those rare occasions when they are proper.
(Please remember, I am constrained, by both cost and practicality, as to what may be sent to a large and – excuse me – disparate number of people in an environmentally friendly manner.  And I like to send gifts which are meaningful and welcome, and which may be appreciated as thoughtful.)
While I have had many requests for another dose of the Space sent you in 2015 – though some wrote back to complain that they didn’t have the Time to enjoy it – space is currently at a premium and, despite extensive searching, I couldn’t find any anywhere.  Rather like losing the trees in the wood.
So this year my gift to you all is Silence.  You may need to listen carefully behind the everyday sounds in the world around you to hear it.  Indeed, I would recommend, for full appreciation, that you bear in mind that it is better not to bear anything in mind while you listen.
(An idea for next year: a bear in mind.  Don’t think of it now or it will spoil the surprise.)
Furthermore, by the way, as a bonus for these troubled times, this message also includes five pairs of brackets.  Feel free to extract them and use them a piacere.
With love and best wishes for everything that this time of year means to you, and in the profound hope that, in some ways at least, 2019 might prove less interesting.