Ebenezer DuLally Uvney – one of the characters from David’s first novel A DREAM OF LOCKDOWN – has escaped from those pages.  Having been asked by the publisher orrydian to write some Introductions to classic works, he decided that reacquaintance with so much literature of the time prompted him – as he put it – ‘to show these writers how it should be done.’

Uvney therefore has resurrected one of his earlier works, a classic ghost story.  THE GHOST AT CRONE was his first foray into fiction, and was written well over a century ago.  This strange story, based on actual occurrences, had not been told before, though (we understand) it has undoubtedly intruded into the nightmares of many of its future readers.

The first edition of this book received much critical acclaim, though copies are notoriously hard to find.  Orrydian has jumped at the chance to publish a contemporary edition and bring it to a new readership. THE GHOST AT CRONE is available from Amazon both as a printed edition and also for Kindle.