Caliban’s Island


The fifth Chronometer collection – six haunting reveries based on a speech in Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST.


1 The Isle is Full of Noises 4’39”
2 Sounds and Sweet Airs 6’10”
3 Riches Ready to Drop 4’54”
4 A Thousand Twangling Instruments 3’55”
5 The Clouds Methought Would Open 2’11”
6 I Cried to Dream Again 4’36”

Co-written with Michael Hinton, the fifth CHRONOMETER collection is imaginative and atmospheric, sensual and dark. The suite of six movements combines electro-acoustic, world and other musical influences in illustrating Caliban’s description of the sound world on his island.

CHRONOMETER – music by David Stoll, produced by John Mercer, realised and turned into magic listening by both of them.