.. ages since I’ve written here.  And, though I am busy with a few projects, it’s one of those times when there isn’t really any new news to give you.  However, I am very grateful to Peter James at Mountview Academy and his students for useful feedback on a rehearsed reading yesterday of my new show – co-written with Phil Bowen –  YOU, ME AND A PIANO.  This was ably put together by Charlotte Everest and played by Katie Sherrard and Daniel Edlund.  Phil and I have some re-writing to do, but feel that this one certainly has legs.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on some tracks which will make the new CHRONOMETER collection in the spring.  And two other major projects are getting close to fruition (one theatre piece and one concert work) and therefore close to mention in these blogs.

So far I’ve managed to include a graphic in almost every news report, and I hate not to keep up that tradition.  But please forgive me: this time, nothing relevant comes to mind.